School-age swimming lessons with the Y teach stroke and skill development, water safety, and personal survival. We also focus on physical, intellectual and personal development.

In the school-age program, we teach your child swimming, water safety and basic rescue and survival skills that can save lives. Your child will establish a lifelong appreciation for safe activity in the water and learn vital survival skills not just for the pool, but for rivers, lakes and the ocean. They'll also be introduced to skills that will build their foundational skills in aquatic sport.

Children will learn to:

  • develop and refine their swimming strokes;
  • cooperate with and respect others in an aquatic environment;
  • make safe and sensible decisions and solve problems in and around water;
  • challenge themselves to build endurance and strength for the sport of swimming.

Our swimming teachers

All of our teachers hold nationally accredited swimming teacher and water safety certificates. They have current CPR certificates, Working with Children Checks and have training in safeguarding children and young people.

School-age swimming levels

Your child will progress through the program levels based on their ability, which is assessed by our swimming teachers and program supervisors. Below is an overview of some of the skills your child will learn in each level.


Class size: five to six students

  • Kicking and floating on front and back
  • Paddle and kick
  • Torpedoes
  • Treading water
  • Introduction to freestyle and backstroke
  • Two National Swimming and Water Safety benchmark skills achieved


Class size: maximum six students

  • Jump entry and recover to safety
  • Kicking on front and side breathing
  • Introductory whip kick
  • Foundational backstroke and freestyle
  • Floating, sculling and treading water
  • Duck diving
  • Five new National Swimming and Water Safety benchmark skills achieved!


Class size: maximum six students

  • Underwater push and glides
  • Side breathing skills
  • Breaststroke and survival breaststroke kick
  • Survival sequences
  • Freestyle and backstroke


Class size: maximum seven students

  • Crouch dive
  • Step-in and compact entries
  • Freestyle and backstroke (12 metre achievement)
  • Survival backstroke (25 metre achievement)
  • Breaststroke kick with breathing


Class size: maximum eight students

  • Stride entry
  • Freestyle and backstroke (25 metre achievement)
  • Survival backstroke (50 metre achievement)
  • Breaststroke (25 metre achievement)
  • Performance skills: pace clock, tumble turns, egg-beater kick
  • Shallow dives
  • Five new National Swimming and Water Safety benchmark skills achieved!


Class size: maximum eight students

  • Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke (50 metre achievement)
  • 20 minute endurance swim
  • Performance skills: backstroke starts, complex tumble turns, racing dives and water polo basics
  • Butterfly (15 metre achievement)
  • Sidestroke kick
  • Survival sequences wearing clothing and using life jackets
  • Three new National Swimming and Water Safety benchmark skills achieved!


Class size: maximum eight students

  • Various safe entry techniques
  • Freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke (100 metre achievement)
  • 20 minute endurance swim
  • Butterfly (50 metre achievement)
  • Performance skills: individual medley swimming, pace clock interval training, touch turns, water polo ball skills
  • Survival sequences including basic emergency response

  • Prices

    Please see the current prices below for school-age swimming lessons.

    Fortnightly direct debit Concession fortnightly direct debit
    Standard rate $30.80 $23.20

    Payment for our swimming lesson membership is taken fortnightly by direct debit, with the total cost spread out across the year with 26 equal payments. This minimises the cost impact to families and ensures your membership is easy to maintain.

    No lock-in contracts – simply provide 14 days' written notice to cancel.

    We review our prices each year.

  • What benefits do swimming lessons members receive?

    Swimming lessons members receive:

    • 48 swimming lessons per year – one per week;
    • unlimited pool access for the student, along with a supervising parent – great for practise or play!;
    • access to the pools across Latrobe during operating times;
    • 10% merchandise discount;
    • access to eight make-up lessons per year for children who miss a lesson;
    • optional summer suspension during non-program weeks;
    • certificates for each level of the program achieved.
  • What should I bring to school-age swimming lessons?
    • Swimwear for your child
    • Towel
    • Goggles (highly recommended, but not essential)
    • Swimming cap (optional)
    • Warm, dry clothes for after class
  • What are your safety requirements?

    To provide a safe environment for your child, parents / carers must:

    • come to the edge of the pool at the start of the lesson and directly hand over your child to the teacher;
    • be present and visible on the pool deck at all times (if your child is under the age of 10);
    • come to the edge of the pool at the end of the lesson and collect your child;
    • only take photos in the pool area with prior arrangement (never in the changing room area);
    • follow the Watch Around Water policy for active child supervision at all times. 
  • Are school-age swimming lessons accessible for all?

    Yes. If a group setting is not an appropriate learning environment for your child, we can develop swimming lessons on request to cater for children with varied needs. This may be in a small group setting or a 1:1 class, depending on the needs of the child.

How to enrol in swimming lessons

To enrol in school-age swimming lessons, please submit the enquiry form.

For more information see our swimming lessons FAQs page


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